Thursday, March 14, 2013

4 Years of Toastmaster Speaks

 5 Most Popular Posts during the Year 4  (Mar 1 2012 - Feb 28 2013) of this blog:

    1.  Mobile Phones - Early Days: (1159 page views) This was my CC Project 2 speech. At that time I was working for Freescale and our business unit was developing wireless software for mobile phones. So I had enough background to speak on the story of how mobile phones evolved.
    2. Struggles of a Genius: (979 page views) This is a Project 5 Speech from the Story Telling Manual. It describes the struggling days of the world famous mathematician S. Ramanujan.
    3. Project 10 Speech - The Three Essential Qualities of a Toastmaster: (958 page views): I spoke about how I prepared and delivered all the 10 speeches from the CC manual and what qualities a Toastmaster needs to have to achieve this feat.
    4. Ragging - A Learning Experience (881 page views): This was my CC  Project 5 Speech, where I spoke about how I was ragged as a first year engineering student at NITK, Surathkal (then KREC, Surathkal).
    5. Cherished Childhood Moments: (646 Page views) This was my Icebreaker Speech from the CC Manual, where I relived my  good old carefree childhood days.
Other Statistics:
  • Unique Visitors: 6236  i.e. 17 visitors per day [Last Year : 5202  (14-15 visitors per day).]
  • Visitors came from 120 countries [Last Year: 107]
  • Page Views : 11336 [Last Year :   9843]

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