Friday, March 23, 2012

3 Years of Toastmaster Speaks

 5 Most Popular Posts during the Year 3  (Mar 1 2011 - Feb 29 2012) of this blog:

    1.  Mobile Phones - Early Days: (1428 page views) This was my CC Project 2 speech. At that time I was working for Freescale and our business unit was developing wireless software for mobile phones. So I had enough background to speak on the story of how mobile phones evolved.
    2. Ragging - A Learning Experience (980 page views): This was my CC  Project 5 Speech, where I spoke about how I was ragged as a first year engineering student at NITK, Surathkal (then KREC, Surathkal).
    3. Project 10 Speech - The Three Essential Qualities of a Toastmaster: (639 page views): I spoke about how I prepared and delivered all the 10 speeches from the CC manual and what qualities a Toastmaster needs to have to achieve this feat.
    4. Wisdom, Wisdom Everywhere: (626 page views): This was my CC Project 8 speech. A few days before I gave this speech I had read the book , "Like the Flowing River " by Paulo Coelho. It had several soul-stirring stories and articles, some of them formed the basis of my speech. I have posted my review of this book in "Bookworm Reads", the other blog I write.
    5. Theme of the Day Speech (621 page views): This was my speech as a Toastmaster of the Day on the theme "If Liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don't want to hear(George Orwell)"
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