Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Story Telling Project 3 - Adam, Aman and Acharya

“Aman, where are you my child?”
Adam came back home from work, and called out for his son as usual.  
No response!  What happened? Aman always used to come running, “Here I am Papa!”
Aman was Adam's son  on whom he showered all his affections.

He called out again, “Aman!” . Deafening   silence! Adam got worried.
He called out once again, “AMAN”.  
This time his neighbor barged in angrily and said, “Why are you shouting at top of your voice and disturbing me? Aman is not at home, go out and find him!”

Adam went to Aman’s school and met the Headmaster and said “Sir, Aman has not come back from school.” The Headmaster said, “I think I saw him leaving the school with his friend Balu”.

Adam then hurried to Balu’s house.  Balu said “Uncle, he did not come here. He said he will be going to the  library.”
Adam then rushed to the library and found it closed. He was now really worried. 

He ran hither and thither like a mad man and asked every one he knew in the town, “Have you seen Aman?” Everywhere he would get the same response, “Sorry, we did not see him”.  He then asked every stranger, and they all looked blank. “Who is Aman?” they asked him instead.

Now Adam was distraught and feared the worst. He barged into the police station. Inspector Acharya was on duty. Adam started wailing “I have lost my son. I searched him everywhere and can’t find him. Someone has kidnapped him. What I am going to do?”

Inspector Acharya  gave him a patient hearing and asked,”Adam, have you searched him in your own house?”
Adam suddenly realized, “Oh No! I did not!” He then hurried home. There he found Aman sleeping peacefully in his room.

What is the moral of this story?
There are three characters in this story - Adam, Aman and Acharya.
Adam represents mankind. Aman means happiness and peace. Acharya means a teacher or guru.
Everybody desires happiness and peace of mind i.e Aman.  But often the man i.e. Adam gets misled by all sorts of people mostly well meaning, but who themselves do not know the way to happiness.
Therefore he frantically hunts for it all around the world. And when he does not find what he is looking for he becomes restless and distraught.
A  genuine teacher or a guru  like Inspector Acharya  will show him the right path. He will say, “Stop! Don’t waste time and effort in searching for happiness and peace in the outside world. Look within yourself. Observe your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. You will realize that the true happiness and peace lies within you ! It’s all in your mind!”


[Date Delivered:  October 9 2010

  • To understand that a story can be entertaining yet display moral values
  • To create a new story that offers a lesson or moral
  • To tell the story, using the skills developed in previous two projects
Time: Four to Six Minutes

One day my younger sister then about 2 years old was missing. We desperately searched for her everywhere and feared the worst when we were not able to find her. And then suddenly we found her playing inside a big packing case in our own  backyard.

There is also a saying in Hindi "Goad Mein Bachcha, Nagar mein dhindora", which means announcing to the whole town that you have lost your kid, when actually you are carrying it all along.

I  also firmly believe that neither the circumstances nor the external objects are the cause of our happiness or sadness. It is we who choose to be happy or otherwise.

I created this original story with based on the above facts.  



  1. Nice!
    The analogy was near perfect!

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  3. Awesome story. I wish I could remember my life's stories.